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Hearts, Lies and Friends.



I'm Jess & I'm definatley not normal. I don't want to know right and wrong, black and white, thick and thin. I want to know whats between them. I want to challenge the limits and push buttons. I want to make you think, and dumbfound you. I have a fear of saying goodbye. I can't seem to detatch myself from things that seem important or significant to me. I like to say a word over so in the end, it sounds funny. I like to make people laugh. I like to sing in my shower. My favourite number is 17. I'm afraid of growing up. I don't eat meat. Sono in grado di parlare italiano e spagnolo, ma di capire che meglio di me può parlare :) I'm an odd one, and I'm okay with that. I've been told im a sarcastic bitch too. And once again, I'm okay with that. I have my vices, everyone (including myself) needs to deal with them. I love sci-fi, X-Files and the paranormal. Live life for you, and for you only. Because only then will you be happy.

The End

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